Number Tag & Special Needs Bag

Bib Number Tag Collection
Date/Time: 21 September 2018 Friday from 6.00pm onwards till the end of the event
Venue: Event Start Line at MacRitchie Reservoir (Refer to maps below)

Note on Bib Number Tag Collection
  • You just need to tell us your name/team name.  If your name is on the List of Nuts, you're in. 
  • You may collect on behalf of your friends.  There is no need for any signed authorisation form to reduce wastage of paper.  We trust your integrity.  If you collect on behalf of another friend, we'll write down your name & other details in the event there is a dispute.
  • You will receive 4 x Safety Pins with your Bib Number Tag.
  • A Pacer Tag (only for 101km & 100 Miles categories) can be collected only if you need it.  Only 1 Pacer tag will be given to each participant who needs it.
Special Needs Bag Deposit
Special Needs Bag Deposit will operate during the following period:
Open: 21 September 2018 Friday 6.00pm (1800hrs)
Close: 22 September 2018 Saturday 5.30am (0530hrs)
Venue: At the Event Start Line at MacRitchie Reservoir (Refer to maps below)

Note on Special Needs Bag Deposit
  • Please provide/source your own Special Needs Bag(s).  We will not be providing any bags for you.
  • We will only accept 1 Bag per Checkpoint per official participant.  No Special Needs Bag will be accepted from a Pacer.  
  • We trust you will pack a reasonable sized special needs bag (not a huge luggage) as we have limited space at each Checkpoint.  
  • Please self-pack & self-mark your own Special Needs Bag BEFORE self-depositing at the deposit area (please deposit according to the respective Checkpoint Number.  Our Volunteers will not be providing packing & marking services for you.
  • Masking Tape & Marker Pens (limited availability) are provided if you need.  Please ensure you indicate clearly the correct Checkpoint Number on the bag to avoid confusion when we transport your bags. Please refer to attached picture below.
  • Please ensure your Special Needs Bag(s) can withstand rough handling & is weather-resistant.  We'll not be responsible if any contents are damaged/wet/soaked/destroyed.
  • All Special Needs Bags must be deposited latest by 5.30am (0530hrs) on Saturday 21 September 2018 to avoid any delay in bringing them to the Checkpoints.
  • Any bags deposited after the above-stated time will not be accepted.
  • We strongly recommend depositing your Special Needs Bag on Friday between 6pm to 10pm to avoid any last minute hiccups/delay/missing items & insufficient time to pack & label your bags.  We are expecting quite a number of participants who do not reside in Singapore to only deposit their bags on the morning of the event, so please try to avoid that peak period especially if you reside or have already arrived in Singapore.
  • If you're collecting your Race Bib Number Tag on Friday evening, we strongly recommend depositing your Special Needs Bag at the same time.

Sample of Special Needs Bag (The Bag is not provided for participants)
Marked with Name, Bib No., Checkpoint No.

Special Needs Bag Collection/Retrieval
  • All Special Needs Bags will be brought back from the Checkpoints to the Finish Line at MacRitchie Reservoir.
  • The exact time which the bags will reach MacRitchie Reservoir can't be determined as it's dependent on our logistic arrangement on event day.
  • The Bags can be definitely be collected between 3.00pm till 5.00pm on Sunday at the Finish Line at MacRitchie Reservoir.
  • Any unclaimed bags will be disposed after 5.00pm on Sunday.