Location/Getting to/out of the Checkpoints 
Note: Locations & operating hours of the Checkpoints may be changed if there is a requirement by the authorities or due to safety reasons.

Start/Finish (MacRitchie Reservoir/off Lornie Road)
Postal Code 570000
Location of Start/End on Google Map
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Operation Hours
Open: 6pm 11 Oct 2019 Friday 
(bib collection & special needs bag drop off for checkpoints opens from 6pm on Friday.  Special needs bag drop off for checkpoints closes by 5.30am on Saturday)
Close: 7am 13 Oct 2019 Sunday

Bus Details
52, 74, 93, 130, 132, 156, 157,162, 165, 166, 167, 852, 855, 980
Car Park
*Multi Storey Car Park @ $0.02 per minute
*Car Park at Joan Road (opposite MacRitchie Reservoir) – Free

Shower Facilities
*Indoor shower. 
*Please bring your own shower items

Checkpoint 1 (Yishun Ave 6)

Checkpoint 1 (Yishun Ave 6, beside Blk 406)

Location of CP 1 on Google Map
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Operation Hours
Open: 8.00am 12 Oct 2019 Saturday
Close: 5.00am 13 Oct 2019 Sunday
Total Operating Duration: 21 hours

Bus  Details
# 806 – To/From Yishun MRT/Bus Interchange

Car Park
Parking is available at the HDB Blocks 405/406.  
Free parking from 10.30pm Saturday till 10.30pm Sunday

Checkpoint 2 (Sembawang Park)

Checkpoint 2
(Sembawang Park BBQ Pits 9 & 10)

Location of CP2 on Google Map
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Operation Hours
Open: 9.00am 12 Oct 2019 Saturday
Close: 1.00pm 12 Oct 2019 Saturday
Total Operating Duration: 4 hours

Bus  Details

# 882 – To/From Sembawang MRT/Bus Interchange

Car Park
Free carpark at Car Park No. 1, Sembawang Park

Shower Facilities

*Available 30 metres away from the Checkpoint.
*Outdoor shower.  
*Please bring your own shower items

Checkpoint 3 (Lorong Halus Wetland)
(previously named as Checkpoint 4 in 2018)

Checkpoint 3 (Lorong Halus Wetland)
Location of CP3 on Google Map
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Operation Hours
Open: 11.00am 12 Oct 2019 Saturday
Close: 1.00am 13 Oct 2019 Sunday
Total Operating Duration: 14 hours

Bus  Details
# 50 – To/From Bishan MRT/Bus Interchange & Punggol MRT/Bus Interchange
# 381 – To/From Punggol MRT/Bus Interchange

Car Park
Very few lots at Wetland & Visitor Centre.

Checkpoint 4 (Sun Plaza Park Amphitheatre)
(previously named as Checkpoint 5 in 2018)

Checkpoint 4 (Sun Plaza Park Amphitheatre)

Location of CP4 on Google Map
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Operation Hours
Open: 12.00pm 12 Oct 2019 Saturday
Close: 10.00pm 12 Oct 2019 Saturday
Total Operating Duration: 10 hours

Tampines MRT/Bus Interchange

Car Park
Tampines St 41 - chargeable

Checkpoint 5 (Bedok Reservoir Park)
(previously named as Checkpoint 6/7 in 2018)

Checkpoint 5 (near Car Park B)

Location of CP5 on Google Map
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Operation Hours
Open: 1.00pm 12 Oct 2019 Saturday
Close: 8.00pm 12 Oct 2019 Saturday
Total Operating Duration: 7 hours

Bus Details (alight outside Tropica Condominium along Tampines Ave 1 then walk)
# 8 – To/From Tampines MRT/Bus Interchange
#15 – To/From Pasir Ris MRT/Bus Interchange
#23  To/From Tampines MRT/Bus Interchange
#518 – To/From Pasir Ris MRT/Bus Interchange 

Car Park
Bedok Reservoir Car Park 'B' along Tampines Ave 10 - chargeable

Shower Facilities

Available at the toliet about 100 metres away