Pacer Info

**Only for participants of the 101km**
For 101km participants, you have the option to have your own Pacer.
There is no need to register your Pacer with us. 

If you have appointed someone to be your pacer, you may collect your Pacer's "Pacer" Bib Tag at the Race Bib Number Tag collection.  You may then pass the "Pacer" Bib Tag to your Pacer anytime before or during the event.

**We will not issue the "Pacer" Bib Tag to any self-appointed Pacer.  

Thank you for your understanding.

Notes for Pacer:
  • Only for participants of the following categories:
    • 101 km
  • We recommend having 1 x Pacer with you, to guide/encourage/take care of you.
  • You can have only 1 x Official Pacer at any point during the event and he/she will have 1 x Bib Tag with the text "PACER".
  • The Official Pacer need not be with you throughout the event.  He/She may accompany you at any point of the event, but he/she must make his/her own way to your location/Checkpoint which you require him/her to start pacing with you.
  • You may appoint anyone whom you deem suitable to be your Official Pacer.
  • Your Official Pacer can utilise the support stations at the Checkpoints but he/she must have the "PACER" Bib Tag.  We are unable to provide support to any unofficial Pacer(s).
  • Your Pacer can carry your race items on your behalf.  There is no requirement that you must carry everything on your own.
  • You may have a group of Pacers, doing their pacer role on a rotation basis, e.g. 1 Pacer from CP 4 to CP 5, and another Pacer takes over from CP 5 to CP 4.  But the next Pacer must take over the "PACER" Bib Tag
  • We will not be providing any support to anyone who does not have the "PACER" Bib.  Thank you for your understanding as we will not cater resources for unofficial & additional Pacers.