Route (Map+Pics)

NOTE: Route Diversion(s)

Please take note of the below route diversion:

A section of the footpath along Canberra Link (as shown in the map below marked by the red line) is closed and it'll be very risky to run on the road.  Please make a small detour into Canberra View/Canberra Crescent/Canberra Way and you'll be back on the Canberra Link again as you head to CP 2.  
On your way back to CP 1, please use the same detour in the reverse manner and you'll enter back to Yishun Ave 2 to head towards CP 1.

You may zoom in & out of the below embedded maps

Signages along the Craze Ultra Route
Arrow signages with reflective bands and/or yellow reflective bands (similar to the below photos) will be placed on your left or right, just before/at junctions where you have to turn.  Please keep a lookout for these.

Follow the path which has this reflective band

We strongly recommend you have the maps of the route with you, using any of the below methods:
  • Hardcopy map
  • Online map accessible via your mobile phone (please ensure you are able to connect to local Singapore data & you have sufficient power for your mobile phone)

NOTE: The route is through urban terrain and there are many roads/junctions you have cross/make a turn.  Signages are in place, but are not perfect and there have been cases of signages being tampered with (removed, changed direction, etc).  If you are unsure of the route, the maps (Hardcopy or Online) will be able to assist you.

TIP: Study the maps thoroughly.  Do your own homework.

Maps (Updated for 2018)
Please click on the respective links below to view & download the maps in PDF format & print it out for reference.  Alternatively, you may view the updated maps online via Google & MapMyRun using the links further below.  The links to the GPX files can also be found at the bottom of this page.

NOTE: To have a clearer view, please "Download" the maps in PDF format.
Online Route Map via Google Map
(Updated for 2018)
- Use your mobile phone/tablet/computer & click on the respective links to view the route via Google Map
- 100 Miles
- 101km
- 63km 
- 45km
- Enable GPS on your mobile phone
- You will be able to view your current location after enabling GPS
- Follow the route towards the next Checkpoint.

Routes via (Send the Map to your Phone) (Updated for 2018)
*100 Miles routeClick HERE
*101km route: Click HERE
*63km route: Click HERE
*45km route: Click HERE 

How to view/use Mapmyrun via your smart phone
*From your computer, select the route you require & click on the respective link.  You wil be directed to where you can view the route.
*Click on 'Bookmark' this route via your computer so that it will appear on your mobile phone's mapmyrun app.
* Download the mapmyrun app onto your mobile phone.
* Open up the mapmyrun app in your mobile phone & click on 'Route'->click on 'Bookmarked'->select your bookmarked route->click on 'Do It'.
* Ensure you enable the GPS function on your phone so you can view your current location.

GPX files
(updated for 2018)
**All categoriesClick HERE
*100 Miles route: Click HERE (updated as at 1 Nov 2018)
*101km routeClick HERE (updated as at 1 Nov 2018)
*63km routeClick HERE
*45km routeClick HERE

Overview of Maps & Checkpoints
100 Miles (Click HERE to View in Google Maps)
101 km (Click HERE to view in Google Maps)

63 km (Click HERE to view in Google Maps)
45 km (Click HERE to view in Google Maps)