Race Info & Safety

Regardless of how Craze or Nuts you are, we beg you to read through this page thoroughly.  
It'll take a shorter time than actually running the Craze Ultra :)

General Info:

22-23 September 2018, Saturday to Sunday (To be confirmed)

Start/Flag-Off Times (choose from either one): 

1.  0700hrs (7.00am) on Saturday 22 Sep 2018
     - For all categories (43km / 74km / 101km / 100 Miles) 

2.  1800hrs (6.00pm) on Saturday 22 Sep 2018
     - Only for 43km, 74km & 101km categories

Note: You may choose from 2 flag off times (7am or 6pm) for the 43km, 74km & 101km 

Finish/Cutoff Time: 
1500hrs (3.00pm) on Sunday 23 Sep 2018

  • Individual - 43km / 74km / 101km / 100 miles

Start & Finish Venue: 
Reservoir Deck at MacRitchie Reservoir (as shown below)
Click HERE to view the location on Google Map

Schedule (Approximate):
Friday 21 Sep 2018
From 6pm till end of the event: 
- Collection of Race Bib Number Tag(s) and Event T-Shirt at Main Event Venue at MacRitchie Reservoir, Reservoir Deck (adjacent to the Multi-Storey Car Park)

- Self-Deposit of Special Needs Bag (only accepted till 5am on Saturday)

Saturday 22 Sep 2018
By 5am: 
- All Special Needs Bags MUST BE deposited BY 5am at the self-deposit point at the Start Venue.  Bags deposited after 5am will not be transported to the respective Checkpoints.

- Start of Craze Ultra (Flag off will be in waves of about 30 participants every 5mins.)

- Night Flag off 43km, 74km & 101km

Sunday 23 Sep 2018
- Conclusion of Craze Ultra

3pm till 5pm: 
All Special Needs Bags must be collected from Event Venue at MacRitchie Reservoir.
NOTE: We will post an update on our Facebook page whenever the special needs bags arrive from the various Checkpoints.


  • It will be an Out & Back route, where the return route is the same as the outgoing route.  The route will bring Participants through many parts in Singapore where few have gone, e.g. Woodlands Waterfront, Yishun Dam, Punggol Promenade, Punggol Waterway, Sengkang, Lor Halus Wetland, Bedok Reservoir Park, etc.
  • Participants will be on footpaths & the Park Connectors.  There is no trail.
  • The furthest Checkpoint is at Bedok Reservoir Park, located approximately 81km (50 Miles) from the Start Point.  This is the checkpoint where all 100 Miles participants are to do a U-Turn and make their way back to the Finish Line at MacRitchie Reservoir.
  • Directional signs will be placed at critical junctions where possible to aid in directions.  We do recommend you study the map thoroughly.  We highly recommend you have the maps with you which can be printed out or saved in your device (watch, phone, handheld gps).
Map of the Route 
Please click HERE

Route Surface:

Here are photos of the various types of surfaces you will encounter along the route.

Checkpoints/Support Stations:

  • There are a total of 8 Checkpoints (CP) located along the route. The furthest Checkpoint is CP 8, located about 81km from the Start Line, which participants of the 100 Miles will arrive at & make a U-Turn.
  • If you are taking part in a shorter distance, you will not go to all Checkpoints.
  • Once you have reached the CP which you are required to U-Turn, you will make your way back along the same route & you will go to those CPs which you had gone to earlier.
  • Example:

Category Checkpoints you will go to No. of Checkpoints

43km CP 1, CP 2 (U-Turn),
CP 1, Finish

74km CP 1, CP 2, CP 3, CP 4 (U-Turn),
CP 3, CP 2, CP 1, Finish

101km CP 1, CP 2, CP 3, CP 4, CP 5 (U-Turn),
CP 4, CP 3, CP 2, CP 1, Finish

100 Miles CP 1, CP 2, CP 3, CP 4, CP 5, CP 6, CP 7, CP 8 (U-Turn),
CP 7, CP 6, CP 5, CP 4, CP 3, CP 2, CP 1, Finish

  • NOTE: You MUST go to each Checkpoint (CP) according to the correct order.  
    • For example, if you are taking part in the 101km category, you must "Check In" to the Checkpoints in this order: Start, CP1, CP2, CP3, CP4, CP5, CP4b, CP3b, CP2b, CP1b, Finish (b refers to checking in to the Checkpoint on the return leg back to the Finish).  
    • If you skip "Checking In" to any CP or "Check In" to the CPs in the wrong order, you will be given a time penalty or disqualified.  The Race Director's decision is final.


  • We will be engaging Racematix to provide race timing service
  • Please pick up your Racematix wrist timing tag together with your bib on the evening before race day, from Friday 6pm (1800hrs) onwards at the event site at MacRitchie Reservoir.
Timing Tag Usage Instructions:
  • Before you join the flag off, slip your wrist through the strap of the timing tag & pull the strap attached to the timing tag so that it's more secure but do not pull it too tight around your wrist.
  • Ensure your timing tag is scanned at the start line just before you start. (NOTE: Flag off will be in waves of about up to 20-30 participants per wave & you'll be pre-assigned a flag off time which will be determined closer to the event date)
  • Upon your arrival at every Checkpoint, a Volunteer will use a mobile phone to scan your timing tag (as shown in the above picture).  NOTE: You do not need to scan when you depart the CP.
  • Whenever your wrist timing tag is scanned at every CP, your time will be recorded and updated on the live tracking website (we will post up the link once it's ready) so your family/friends/supporters/organiser can track you whenever you reach a CP.
  • When you finish, please ensure your timing tag is scanned at the finish line.  Then you may return the timing tag to the timing team.  
  • If you DNF at any CP, please inform the volunteer of your wish to DNF.  Then the volunteer will use a scissors to remove your timing tag from your wrist.  The volunteer will retain the timing tag.

Food & Drinks at Checkpoints
Bring Your Own Cup/Flask/Bottle/Hydration Bladder
  • To reduce waste & for the sake of our planet/environment, the organiser WILL NOT be providing any plastic disposable cups for participants.  Participants MUST use your own cups/flask/bottle/bladder.   
  • We recommend you bring a cup/flask/bottle which can be used for hot liquid as CP5/6 & the Finish will have hot drinks available. 

Checkpoint Number - Cumulative Distance (Location)
CP 1 - 13.5km (Ulu Sembawang Park Connector & Mandai Road)
CP 2 - 21.5km (Woodlands Waterfront) - U-Turn for 43km
CP 3 - 30km (Canberra-Sembawang Park Connector)
CP 4 - 37km (Yishun Ave 6) - U-Turn for 74km
CP 5 - 50.5km (Lorong Halus Wetland & Visitor Centre) - U-Turn for 101km
CP 6 - 65km (Lorong Halus Wetland & Visitor Centre)
CP 7 - 74km (Sun Plaza Park)
CP 8 - 81km (Bedok Reservoir Park) - U-Turn for 100 Miles

CP 7b - 88km (Pasir Ris Park Kitchen Garden) - only for 100 Miles
CP 6b - 97km (Lorong Halus Wetland & Visitor Centre) - only for 100 Miles
CP 5b - 111.5km (Lorong Halus Wetland & Visitor Centre) - only for 100 Miles
CP 4b - 125km (Yishun Ave 6) - only for 101km & 100 Miles
CP 3b - 132km (Canberra-Sembawang Park Connector) - for all categories except 43km
CP 2b - 140.5km (Woodlands Waterfront) - for all categories except 43km
CP 1b - 148.5km (Ulu Sembawang Park Connector & Mandai Road) - for all categories
Finish - 100 miles/162km (Reservoir Deck @ MacRitchie Reservoir) - for all categories

NOTE: The actual locations/distance of the CPs may vary due to unexpected changes on the ground.

Operating Hours @ Checkpoints

In view of the maximum time limit of 32 hours to complete 100 miles, please take note of the operating hours of the Checkpoints:

CP 8 - till 11pm Sat (16 hours after flag off)
CP 7 - till 1am Sun (18 hours after flag off)
CP 5/6 - till 4am Sun (21 hours after flag off)
CP 4 - till 7am Sun (24 hours after flag off)
CP 3 - till 9am Sun (26 hours after flag off)
CP 2 - till 10.30am Sun (27.5 hours after flag off)
CP 1 - till 1pm Sun (30 hours after flag off)

Cut-Off Time
Participants must finish by 3.00pm (1500hrs) on Sunday.  This cutoff time applies to all categories. 

Distance Markers:

Where possible, Distance Markers will be placed at every 5km from the 10km mark onwards.


  • Participants must start & finish at the Reservoir Deck at MacRitchie Reservoir.
  • Participants must reach their designated Checkpoint (based on the category/distance selected) and make U-Turn back to the Finish venue.
  • You must cross the Finish Line to be considered as a Finisher of the Craze Ultra.
  • Usage of any form of public/private transport modes to assist with your completion of the event will result in disqualification and you will not receive the e-certificate.  We believe in your integrity.


  • Only for participants of the following categories:
    • Individual (74km, 101km & 100 miles)
  • We recommend having 1 x Pacer with you, to guide/encourage/take care of you.
  • You can have only 1 x Official Pacer at any point during the event and he/she will have 1 x Bib Tag with the text "PACER".
  • The Official Pacer need not be with you throughout the event.  He/She may accompany you at any point of the event, but he/she must make his/her own way to your location/Checkpoint which you require him/her to start pacing with you.
  • You may appoint anyone whom you deem suitable to be your Official Pacer.
  • Your Official Pacer can utilise the support stations at the Checkpoints but he/she must have the "PACER" Bib Tag.  We are unable to provide support to any unofficial Pacer(s).
  • Your Pacer can carry your race items on your behalf.  There is no requirement that you must carry everything on your own.
  • You may have a group of Pacers, doing their pacer role on a rotation basis, e.g. 1 Pacer from CP 5 to CP 6, and another Pacer takes over from CP 6 to CP 7.  But the next Pacer must take over the "PACER" Bib Tag
  • We will not be providing any support to anyone who does not have the "PACER" Bib.  Thank you for your understanding as we will not cater resources for unofficial Pacers.
  • You are most welcome to get your family/friends to cheer & support you along the route & at the Checkpoints.
  • We will not provide any support/aid to any of your supporters/family members/relatives/unofficial pacers.
  • We will also not tolerate any rudeness from any supporter(s).  Please respect the organisers, volunteers, contractors and any other parties involved in our event.
  • Your supporters can help you with your race needs, e.g. food/drinks.  However, please do not have any vehicle following you along the road as it will cause inconvenience to other motorists/vehicles.  
  • Any support vehicles are to follow traffic rules & utilise the car parks available along the route.  Car parking fee(s) will not be paid by the organiser.
  • The Organiser will not be held responsible if traffic rules violated by your supporters.

Special Needs Bag:

  • This could be your life saver.  Participants can store event-essential items in your own self-provided water-proof/resistant bag, which will be deposited at any Checkpoint(s) of your choice or even at all Checkpoints.  NOTE: Your special needs bag may be left out in the open (not under shelter) so it is critical your bag is the waterproof type or you waterproof the contents of your bag.
  • You can retrieve this Bag whenever you arrive at the Checkpoints but you must display your bib number tag.
  • You must label the bag with the following text in large & clear font (as shown in the sample picture below):
    • Name
    • Bib Number
    • Checkpoint Number/Name

This Bag is a sample & will NOT be provided
  • Use a reasonable-sized/small waterproof bag or double/triple-layered tough plastic bag(use bags that can withstand rough handling).  We will not be providing these bags for you.
  • Use waterproof tape to seal your bag if necessary.
  • Please do your own self-packing/self-marking.  Our volunteers will not be packing or marking the bag for you.
  • Use Permanent Marker Pen to write the text (Name, Bib No., Checkpoint No.) clearly & in large font size so it's visible.
  • Do not place fragile items as we will not be liable for any damage to your items.
  • Some items you can consider to place in the Special Needs Bag:
    • Nutritional needs - energy bar/gel, drinks
    • Change of clothes
    • Shoes & socks
Special Needs Bag Deposit
  • All Special Needs Bags are to be deposited at the Start/Finish Venue according to the respective Checkpoint Numbers. 
  • Please do your own self-packing/self-marking/self-deposit.  Our volunteers will not be packing/marking/collecting the bag for/from you.
  • To avoid confusion, please do not place it under the wrong Checkpoint Number.
  • All Special Needs Bags must be self-deposited by 5am on 22 Sep 2018 Saturday to avoid delay in transporting the bags to the respective Checkpoints.
  • The Organiser will then bring all Special Needs Bags to the respective Checkpoints.
Collection of Special Needs Bag
  • All Special Needs Bags will be retrieved from all Checkpoints & returned to the Start/Finish venue between 2pm to 5pm (estimated) on Sunday and you may collect it then.
  • Any Special Needs Bag unclaimed after 5pm on Sunday will be disposed off.
  • You may also head to the respective Checkpoints to retrieve your bag, but please do so before the respective closing times of the Checkpoints.

Recommended Items/Equipment:

We strongly recommend you have the following items:
  • Mobile Phone (Fully Charged)
  • Map (click here to view/download/print)
  • Headlight/Flashlight - only for participants who will be out on the course from 7pm to 7am
  • Whistle
  • Basic First Aid Kit - plaster & any other items you think are useful
  • Hydration - Fully filled Bottle/Bladder/Other means (sufficient to last at least 15km)
  • Spare battery/Portable Mobile Charger for your mobile phone.
  • Poncho/Lightweight Waterproof Jacket
  • Extra Shoes/Socks/Clothes
  • Sunglasses
  • Cap (all round cover as shown below)
  • Cash (emergency e.g. food, drinks, taxi, etc)
  • Public Transportation Card (CEPAS Card) in the event you wish to stop during the event.
  • Blinker light - to be attached to your body/bag to indicate your presence to traffic


There will be a unique souvenir for every:
  • 100 Miles Individual Finisher
  • 101km Individual Finisher
There are no prizes for this event.  The best prize is your achievement.

All Participants MUST take note of the following points for your safety:

Health Condition
  • Your participation in this event is entirely at your own risk.  The organiser, the event's partners, contractors and involved parties will not be liable for any injuries sustained and/or death as a result of your participation in the Craze Ultra.
  • You may wish to undergo a medical examination to certify you are fit to participate in such an ultra endurance event.
  • You are required to declare your health condition when you register for the event using a PAR-Q(Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) as well as on event day.  
  • On event day, if you are unwell or display any signs/symptoms of being unwell, you will not be allowed to participate or continue with the event. If necessary, medical aid will be rendered to you as soon as possible.
  • You must carry your medication (e.g. Asthma Inhaler) during the event, if any.
Route Hazards
  • Please stay on the footpaths & Park Connectors as there are no road closures for this event.
  • The only road you have to be on are Pasir Ris Farmway 2 & Pasir Ris Farmway 3, where you will need to be on the lane facing the oncoming traffic.
  • Please remain alert at all times to any uneven road surfaces, obstacles on the route, etc.
  • You are to take extreme care when crossing traffic junctions, pedestrian crossing, streets, etc.
  • Overtake the front participant only when it's safe to do so.  Do indicate your intention early.
Low Light Condition
  • You are advised to wear bright coloured clothing with reflective material to increase your own visibility to others.  
  • You may wish to attach a blinker light on your body/bag. 
  • You will be issued with glow in the dark wristbands to highlight your presence to other footpath & road users/vehicles.These wristbands are to be activated and used from 7pm on Saturday till Sunday 7am.
  • You must have a headlight or carry a handheld flashlight to aid in guiding you along darkly lit areas.
  • You will be provided with maps of the route to aid/guide you along the correct route.
  • If you think you are lost, please call the organiser immediately.  The contact number will be provided in the Event Guide which will be sent out via email as the event date gets closer.
  • Your Pacer can assist with directions.
  • If you do not "Check In" at the next Checkpoint within a reasonable time, we will contact you via your mobile phone to determine your status/location.  If we are unable to contact you, the Organiser will organise a "Search Party" to locate you.

Lightning/Adverse Weather
  • The Start will be delayed in the event of lightning or adverse weather.
  • If lightning or adverse weather occurs during the event, please take shelter at the nearest location, e.g. huts/shelters/buildings/petrol stations/checkpoints and continue only when it's safe to do so.

  • Please have sufficient sleep (7-8 hours continuous) starting 1 week prior to the event to reduce chances of fatigue.
  • Please take a rest if you feel fatigue/sleepy during the event.  Continue only if you are alert.

  • Participants MUST carry a hydration bag and/or bottle with sufficient capacity to last 15km.
  • Checkpoints (CPs) are located about 10-15km apart (please refer to above CP details), and are stocked with water, sports drink, bananas, watermelon & other food items as shown earlier.
  • Carrying some food is highly recommended.
  • Bring cash along for emergency.  There are shops/petrol stations along the route where you can purchase food/drinks.
  • Do make use of the Special Needs Bag which you can place at any CP to store your nutrition needs.

Injuries & Emergency
  • Professional Ambulance service with staff certified to perform CPR, AED & First Aid will be on standby throughout the event to render medical aid to any participant/volunteer in need.  They will be on standby either at the Checkpoints and/or at strategic locations which allow quick access to various locations along the route. The Organiser will have direct contact with the Medical team.
  • In the event of an emergency, please contact the Organiser (the contact number will be provided in the Event Guide which will be sent closer to the event date) and provide the following information:
    • Location (Park Connector/Road/Landmark/etc)
    • Name/Bib Number of yourself or the injured party
    • Signs/Symptoms
    • Any other relevant information
  • The Medical Team will respond as soon as possible to the location if you are not at the Checkpoint.
  • If you are with someone who is injured, please stay with the casualty until help arrives.
  • Do not attempt to move the participant unless he/she is in a dangerous position.
  • If necessary, please use the whistle to alert passers-by/fellow participants & get their assistance.
  • Please carry a simple First Aid kit with you throughout the event, e.g. Plaster
  • Your Emergency Contact Person will be contacted if you are sent to the hospital.